Chapter Board Membership

Chapter Board Member – Memberships are based on our Board Members geographics and demographics. Location and marketplace that best suite our members and provides the support of clients are seeking. They must have our endorsement before promoting them to the public.

All Board Members are held to our highest level of standard. If we see that standard start to go down. We assist all we can to bring them back up, for the good of their business, community, industry and customers.

An educement only comes from our fellow board members. We review their customer service first. When a Golf Club or Course is recommended as a board member a few basic things must happen.

USA State Chapter – our Board Member is located in one State and provides services only in their State. Fee: $1,000.00

Golf Club or Course


1st we talk with the Owner(s) and or General Manager about the history of the location and how long have they been in their position at the time.

2nd we find out how well their staff or team works with their customers. We send a single golfer, then a foursome out to enjoy a round of golf. Enjoy a breakfast, Lunch or Dinner. These golfers take photos and submit an overview of the following: Customer Service, Cleanliness, Overall Course, Equipment and Condition, and did our visitors fell welcome.

We must have a clear understanding how the Golf Club or Course respects their community, industry and customers.

When the Golf Club or Course joins, we send them a lead to offer their services to a business that would like to hold their annual Golf Fundraising Events at their location.

Golf Professional

Example: Tiger Lily PGA – has our endorsement. Located in Henderson, NV and is a great contact for locals and visitors, to enhance your level of Golf. Website:

USA National Board Member – our Board Member is located in the USA and provides services throughout America only from their location in the USA. Fee: $2,500.00

Example: Leaders and Candidates – has our endorsement. This business supports candidates with enhanced exposure and resources as they run for office. They also support consultants that have the skills to support candidates in their area, statewide or on a national level. Website:

USA International Board Member – our Board Member is located in any country that is in good standings with the USA and/or provides services throughout America and at least two or more other countries. Fee: $5,000.00

Example: American Hole ‘n One – has our endorsement. American Hole ‘n One the global leaders in promotions and prize coverage. Founded in 1986, they have revolutionized the promotions and prize industry. With offices in Atlanta, New York and San Diego, GPP and AHNO have a worldwide reach serving customers in 70+ countries.

Call and ask for Kip Cobb Inside Sales Manager Office: 800-822-2257 ext. 8532 Direct: 404-760-8532

America Hole ‘N One – is a founding board member on an international level.